My Novel is now complete

The one or two of you who actually follow my blog may have noticed that there was a countdown timer inserted in the right sidebar. The day and date it was counting down to was the day my novel was to be finished.

Not a big deal for some but kind of big deal for me.

This project was a bit more complicated than others as it took way longer then projected. About 5 years longer to be exact.

Sure, some of you are asking yourself why did it take that long to write a novel? Is this guy a one finger typist or what?

That’s not the case. The problem was a lack of free time that I could dedicate to actual work on the project.




Considering that most first time authors are constrained by a size limit with their work, I was seriously looking at self-publishing as an option. But, by going that route, there is no editor besides one that I find myself, no cover artist unless I locate one and several other issues that I really didn’t want to bother with. But, there wasn’t a size restriction for the most part.

Why is a size restriction such a big deal?

Simple. This novel is in the epic category due to its size, 887 pages and 315K+ words. It just barely fit into the self-pub size restrictions that are a bit larger than publishing houses.

Realizing that there was no possible way to get this beast out in one push, I took the weekend and broke it down into 3 easily consumable portions, I mean books. This formed a trilogy if you must apply labels.

But, and I had to put that ‘but’ in, there could be a 4th book once I finish with all the edits and minor rewrites to tie all the books and their respective story lines  together. That makes a quad-rilogy, ooh, can you hear the fans now?

Unlike in the past where when I finished with the original novella that  I sat on it and didn’t let it. This time, I actually submitted to a publisher so there might be a chance that my work will finally grace the shelves or reading devices of a book store near you.


One thought on “My Novel is now complete

  1. YAY!! Congrats! I want autographed copies in triplicate! Now you have me excited about volume IV! Hope it is completed before Z-poc! 😀

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