Gun Control and a Firearm Owner’s Responsibility

By now, most people in the United States know about gun control. Those who haven’t heard of this ‘new’ concept must have been in a cave since the dawn of the firearm epoch.

Over the years, control of this tool has been radical to conservative. Back in the day, as the grandfolks would say, one could drive up to a gas station, purchase gas, ammunition and maybe a rifle before continuing on your road trip. Today, the mere mention of a gas station and firearms in the same sentence brings to mind armed robbery, car jacking or worse.

Back when I was a young child, GI Joe was the toy to play with, not the little remake from the 1980s but the real deal from the 1960s, full size at 12”.  This little guy had tanks, jeeps, uniforms, helicopters, and an armory that would be the envy of most third world countries. We used to play with him and all his accessories at school during recess and after school in the park or backyard.

Today, children can get suspended for bringing any toy that remotely resembles a firearm to school or making a toy into a firearm. Recently, there has been a rash of  student suspensions for making a toy gun out of Lego’s, pointing their finger like it was a gun or using a French fry as part of a make-believe handgun.

Get real. This is normal interaction among children.

What’s next? Suspension for making a Lincoln Log Howitzer?

I fully understand the paranoia of having yet another school shooting but fashioning toys into make-believe weapons and then suspending the child for that goes way beyond common sense.

Realistically the private ownership of firearms is not something new. The advocates for gun control want more regulation, licensing, testing, etc. If anyone took the time to look at the existing laws they would see that there is a tremendous amount of regulation already present.  It’s the lack of manpower or persistent reluctance to enforce those laws that is the problem.

In view of the recent events at schools, the perpetrators, in most cases, by law, should not have been allowed ownership of any firearms due to their age and/or mental issues. But, because of the problems caused by the gun control media and anti-gun political action groups, a system of checks that should have been in place years ago, was stalled thus allowing these obviously troubled and quite probably deranged individuals access and possession to firearms with horrific results.  Of course none of those groups will claim responsibility for their lack of understanding of what needed to be done to prevent this tragedy, instead they will point to pro-gun groups, namely the NRA and go into a tirade of finger-pointing and name calling while screaming as loud as they can for stricter gun laws and the removal of all private ownership of firearms.

Then we have those people or rather sheeple that believe the media as it’s force-fed them. Why is there never news coverage of crimes stopped by the use of lawfully licensed firearm owners?  Anyone can report news about crime but how about crimes that were prevented because the victim was armed or had access to a legally obtained firearm kept in their residence or carried on their person?

Now with the mention of firearms in our residence that opens up another can of worms. There are those people out there that literally freak out because their neighbors might have a gun cabinet in their living room or home.  What they seem to not be able to understand is with ownership of firearms comes responsibility. Responsibility such as locking the cabinet and storing the ammunition in a locking drawer either provided with the cabinet or somewhere else in their residence. Any parent who is a firearm owner that neglects to store their firearms properly and safely and instructing their children on basic safety issues is just asking for trouble. These obvious  irresponsible persons should have their children removed from their care for obviously they can’t take the basic steps to safeguard their firearms that means that they can’t reasonable be expected to care for their children.

Too extreme? How so?

That’s the level that the anti-gun groups want to go to remove their perceived  ‘threat’ of private firearm ownership.

Why stop at just firearms?

Let’s remove pets and houseplants or anything else that falls under that umbrella.

Why is it that none of these groups ever use actual factual data?

If they did, which would be shocking to say the least, they would find that more people are killed daily by vehicular related accidents than by firearms and the next number of people killed daily are by healthcare workers, namely doctors.(See DOJ statistics on crime and DOH death statistics. I’m not providing the links as some anti-gun people will think that I’m sending them to sites that the figures have been changed or falsified.)

Yet, there is no movement to ban doctors or cars even though most everyone has access to a car or a doctor.  These groups use statistics that show high murder rates as justification for gun control yet overlook statistics showing a decrease in murder rates in states that allow concealed carry because those facts are just ‘statistics’.

The favorite rhetoric of these groups is to say that the Brady Bill and the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, thankfully now expired, were responsible for the decrease of violent crime rates. (Those rates had already been decreasing since 1991, a fact conveniently overlooked by these groups.)  The favorite statement of anti-gun groups are that ‘…we must get rid of guns because a deranged lunatic may go on a shooting spree at any time yet anyone who owns a gun for fear that a deranged lunatic may go on a shooting spree at any time is paranoid.’

How can anyone reason with that type of insane logic?

That’s like saying that a woman raped and strangled is morally superior to a woman with a smoking gun and a dead rapist at her feet.

This twisted logic that erupts profusely from the mouths of the spokesman of anti-gun groups is akin to gibberish muttered by a 2-year-old. The most recent logic to come from these misguided and uninformed groups is that most people can’t be trusted, so we should have more laws against guns, which all criminals will abide by because they can obviously be trusted.

How can anyone believe that statement?

After all, we all know that every criminal will always purchase their firearms from a legitimate gun store where  an Insta-check can be run and they can immediately be flagged as a criminal. Or criminals always frequent gun shows because they can buy in bulk. Get real. No criminal will purchase a firearm from either of these places as there will be a paper trail leading right back to them. Not to mention that if a convicted felon handles a firearm or ammunition either at a gun store of gun show, that’s automatic prison time according to the laws already on the books.

That little fact is always left out of news coverage and conveniently left out of the anti-gun rhetoric. The key wording for all this backwards logic and media hype is ‘gun safety’. Whenever you hear that in the media it really means gun control.

Look for that phrase to be repeated in the upcoming elections.

Keep in mind what happened in New Orleans when the concept of ‘gun safety’ was enacted and law abiding citizens lost their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms thereby falling prey to armed marauding bands of thieves and rapists. As anyone could see, Gun Safety worked really well during that disaster. Had citizens retained ownership of their legally owned and lawfully purchased firearms, there’s a good chance that these bands of criminals would have been depleted in number, moved on from armed neighborhoods and been arrested by law enforcement agencies. That, sadly, is not what happened.  Citizens are still fighting to regain ownership of their illegally confiscated firearms.

Firearm owners have a responsibility to make sure that their weapons are secure within their residence. As a firearm owner with a child, I have no problem teaching my child gun safety. I strongly believe that firearm safety begins at home and carries forth into the world outside your door. We have been to numerous NRA approved safety classes and events and not once was I concerned about her lack of safety and knowledge  after attending those classes. Teach your children proper safety when around firearms. NRA has the Eddie Eagle class for children and it teaches them about the proper steps to take if they ever find a weapon. The biggest safety lesson that they drill in is so very simple for children to understand. Don’t touch it, find an adult.

Don’t let your child learn anything about weapons from Hollywood or television as we all know how accurate those two sources can be when it comes to the correct depiction of weapon operation.

Whenever you hear the hype about the increase of firearm related deaths, just head on over to the Department of Justice website and look at the stats yourself.

Be informed, don’t be a sheeple.

As a firearm owner, it’s up to you to take responsibility for your safety and the safety of others. Invest in a gun safe, take some safety classes and above all, be safe. Don’t give the anti-gunners any ammunition that they can twist against gun owners as they so easily do to gain publicity or further their misguided cause. You have to realize that there is massive amounts of public and political pressure to enact stricter gun control like registration, licensing and the ultimate goal of all anti-gun groups, total confiscation of privately owned firearms.


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