Concealed Carry, the 2nd Amendment and Responsibility

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As an author who writes in a genre where there is a lot of gun play and firearms, I make sure that my fictional characters use safe and accurate weapons handling techniques. It’s too bad that my fictional characters can’t mirror real world as you’ll read below.

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There’s a lot of talk in the news about gun bans and limiting who can own a firearm and who can be ‘allowed’ to carry one concealed. From the anti-gun groups, they feel that all guns should be banned and no one but the police or military should be armed. They support creating gun free zones and making the world a safer place. Their mantra is to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Guess what? You have the wrong hands.

I’m all for the world being a safer place but I also have been exposed to a solid dose of reality and not a reality where unicorns romp in the open fields and candy canes grow wild. When the anti-gun/pro-ban groups put pressure on politicians to pass more restrictive laws and more gun free zones, all they are doing is tying up resources, expelling nonsense rhetoric, and creating victim zones.

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The CDC and several other agencies have already proven that weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens makes for less crime not more crime. Creating restrictive laws like the one that recently passed in Connecticut, Google that one if you really want a shock, do nothing for criminals who as we all know, always abide by the law.

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I have to imagine what would actually happen if all those firearm laws already on the books, were enforced.


The big move this year is to restrict who is allowed to apply for a concealed carry permit and then who among those that applied will actually be chosen. In California, you can pretty much forget about getting approved for a carry permit let alone ownership of any firearms.


With that being said, let’s look at the concealed carry concept. The US Supreme Court ruled several years ago that police are not there for your protection. They are there to enforce the law, investigate criminal acts and apprehend those parties involved in criminal acts. If the police were there for our protection, then there would be an officer assigned to each individual and family who would sit outside their home and travel with them wherever they went.

gun violence vs lawful self defense

Concealed carry, for the most part, is something that no one besides that carrier should know about. Carrying concealed means exactly that, it’s concealed. If you are the carrier then you should make sure that your weapon is not ‘imprinting’ through your outer clothing and there is not a distinctive footprint of where your weapon is being carried at. That’s kind of a no brainer but some people still don’t get it.  Your responsibility as a concealed carry permit holder is to make sure you abide by the local laws of your state. In most states, there is an open carry law but unless you’re adventurous, that’s not advisable. With all the media hype about how weapons are bad, if you open carry you can just imagine the total shit storm accompanied by a massive freak out of those sheeple who actually think that firearms are bad.

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Moving back to the concealed carry topic, removing the 2nd Amendment from the argument, when someone applies for a CCW, should there be a mandatory training class? Would such a class be construed as a form of regulation or registration?

Look at it from another perspective. There are driver’s education classes that are pretty much mandatory but you’d be hard pressed to find someone on today’s roads that acts like they’ve ever attended or passed such a class. We have licensed driver’s out there, allegedly.


So if we have something like that, driver’s and/or operator’s educational classes, then how hard would it be to have a required firearms training class for those parties who are interested in carrying a firearm concealed?

Of course, this all goes back to the registration of firearm owners. Registration leads to confiscation. We’ve all seen that. Just look at Australia and the UK. If we as a nation were to somehow institute mandatory training for all concealed carry owners, how would it be done? The classes would have to be offered within a radius of so many miles from different cities. They would have to be at different times and days and they would have to be comprehensive enough that whatever was taught within that time frame was enough to certify the students. The cost would have to be nominal with the option for advanced training and maybe even yearly or bi-annual recertification. But, all this would have to be done without registering the firearms as that would be an obvious infringement on the 2nd Amendment. Then the question comes up, who would teach such classes? Would it be local law enforcement? The NRA? Or NRA certified instructors at private gun ranges? How would the word get out? Would a pamphlet be handed out when someone applied for a CCW like the driver’s education booklet when someone applies for a driving permit? How the information about the classes is disseminated would be something to discuss at a later time.

I bring all this up, concealed carry, the 2nd Amendment and Responsibility because of an article I read where a member of the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, that’s their version of an emergency management agency, apparently a concealed carry permit holder, drew his Glock during a conference to use the sighting laser as a pointer. Think I’m kidding? Here’s the link:


Think about this event, foreign delegates were in attendance at this conference and they were dodging and weaving as the gentlemen swept them with his laser. How does this look to other nations? Not to mention the state of New York if they allow this to happen from a person who allegedly has a permit and allegedly did this kind of action? This type of activity just feeds the pro-gun ban groups and makes the law abiding, legal firearm owner look like a moron. It’s our responsibility as firearm owners to act accordingly, take the time to be safe and learn firearm safety. There are several companies out there that provide excellent training so there really isn’t any excuse for carelessness especially in regard to the above linked story.

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One thought on “Concealed Carry, the 2nd Amendment and Responsibility

  1. While I agree that certain weapons should have a modicum of control, I don’t believe most firearms fall into this category. I can’t see the reason for any non-military personnel to be carrying grenade launchers, flamethrowers, or even suppressors, however the legalities that are springing up in this country to limit ammunition, magazine sizes, and firearms themselves are patently ridiculous. As cleverly and correctly stated above, guns keep people safe, and criminals by their very nature are going to be able to procure firearms when the people they are criminalizing will not, should these impending bills become laws. I live in MA, and we have exceptionally strict gun laws, however since the comprehensive gun laws of 1998 were enacted here, firearms related crimes have increased in MA, usually with firearms from out of state found at the crime scenes. This tells us that criminals are going to get their guns regardless of any law. They’re criminals for Christ’s sake, this is what they do.

    I want to be safe. I want to be able to protect my family. If a felon knows I have weapons, he is probably going to invade the home of my firearm hating neighbor, and quite frankly better the unprepared than me. If I feel the need to conceal carry, I should have the right to do so, however I believe I should be able to wear my weapon on my hip for all to see, so any potential threats can give me and my family a wide berth. (I was going to use the word “birth” in homage to the January 2nd post on incorrect word usage, but pride got the better of me.)


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