Product Review: Granite Tactical Gear Special Mission Patrol Pack




Granite Tactical Special Mission Patrol Pack Strap detail

Like I need another pack. Seriously, I really don’t need another pack. But, I found this on Craigslist and after doing some research, just had to look at it. Yeah, I guess I’m like some women and their shoes or people that need their coffee, or something like that.

Granite Tactical Gear is another company that most of us have never heard of. Unless you spend a lot of time searching for quality tactical gear, Granite is not a name that comes up in a conversation.

Back to the crux of this topic. As stated, I found this pack on Craigslist and did the research. While this was just a whim at first, I realized that the asking price for this quality of pack was way low. That got me thinking that maybe the owner had totally trashed it. Far from it, sure the pack was used but not abused. The reason the owner was getting rid of it is its in the ACU camo pattern and the Army is transitioning to the Multicam pattern. I don’t really care about the camo pattern as long as its not neon green or orange with purple stripes or that messed up urban camo pattern, I could care less.

The pack is Granite’s Special Mission Patrol Pack meaning its a smaller pack than the previously reviewed LBT 10 pocket Ruck. The Special Mission Pack has 2800 cubic inches of storage space, its laptop compatible and has left and right side sleeves for hydration bladder drinking tubes. That means you can put the hydration bladder drinking tube on either side. Some packs only have one way for the drinking tube to be fitted and that can cause issues with the way you carry your gear in the field.

Granite Tactical   Special Mission Patrol Pack

The material is 500D Cordura with Tweave Stretch Woven Fabric. I have no idea what all that means but it has some serious durability and sounds really cool. The GTSMPP is what Granite refers to as one of their ultra light civilian packs. It has an internal frame that is heavily padded and sealed and a lighter duty version of their CHIEF frame (whatever that is). There’s even a large, Velcro section on the upper back of exterior if you want to put your name or your blood type or reflective ‘cats -eyes’ tape or something like that on the pack. There is a series of web straps, PALS if you prefer to call them that, that will accept MOLLE and ALCE modules. These web straps run all across the back of the pack and along the sides making the GTSMPP one very adaptable pack for any position in a patrol.

Overall, for the price I paid, well under retail (less than $200), the Granite Tactical Gear Special Mission Patrol Pack will work as an EDC BOB or for my laptop and other gear. Or maybe I’ll let the kid use it for school. All I know is that I’m impressed with the construction, the high quality foam pocket for the laptop, the quality of the zippers (self-repairing) and the 550 cord zipper pulls. The way the suspension system allows for the weight to be evenly distributed gives you the feeling that you’re not really carrying much due to the excellent padding of the shoulder straps and waist belt.

If you’re looking for a solid pack that would work for an EDC, a trunk BOB, or a daily pack to  take your stuff to work or school that will last for a very long time, look at Granite Tactical Gear.

Here’s the link to the pack:

Full retail price is a bit steep but as its been said, you get what you pay for.





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