Seeking Beta Readers

reviewer old farts

I’m looking for no more than 10 people willing to take on the task of being a Beta Reader for my Up From the Depths series. While this may sound simple, there are some requirements.


You must be able to discuss each book more than just commenting , it was good, or it was bad. There needs to be an in-depth discussion on the overall plot, character development and arc throughout each book and throughout the entire series.

Upon receipt of each book you will have 30 days to read it and complete a thorough commentary on issues that you found. Each book will be sent in Word format so that you can include notes within the text using the Track Changes option. If you don’t want to use that option, then please provide a separate document with references to page, chapter, character, scene, etc., of where you found said issues. If you have to, copy and paste the section and provide notes about what the issue is.

Book 1 cover A1 Variant 1

You will not be tasked with finding editing issues unless it involves a missing word or duplicate wording. Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, and spelling. The publisher provides that service. All you need to do is read the books and provide a detailed commentary about the following issues: Plot, Plot versus Character, Character Development and Arc, Plot development, and any glaringly obvious plot holes.

Book 2 cover A7

The service you provide will be insightful. So make sure your comments/concerns are as descriptive as possible. That way I can make the needed changes and produce a better novel and series.

Book 3 cover C3 Variant B2

You will also be asked to post a review online at one of several sites such as Amazon and Goodreads. If you have a blog, posting a review there would be beneficial as well. This is a request that will only come into play once each book is released. If you don’t want to write a review, that’s fine. But, you will still be acknowledged and thanked within each book whether you provide a review or not.


The Series or what you’re getting into if you accept this mission

The Up From the Depths series is currently 6 books with the first book scheduled for release in September of 2015. The series depicts the actions of several groups of survivors scattered across the United States and the globe following a massive viral outbreak that turns the victims into cannibalistic psychotics very similar to zombies and the infected from 28 Days Later. The series has a fairly heavy military thematic element but does contain a glossary of terms at the end of each book.

Book 5 cover 1B

If you feel you are able to provide this type of service, then please email me, PM me or contact me through my blog with the reason why I should select you as a Beta Reader.

stand out in a crowd

If you are a previous victim, I mean Beta Reader, thank you for your patience and input. I am, at this time, requesting a fresh set of readers to read over the crayon scribble and tell me what they see.




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