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special kind of stupid



In light of the recent terrorist event in California, note I call it as it is not what the politicians or media want to call it, workplace violence, this event shows how a radical religious sect, rather a brainwashing cult, can do with its members. This was not a ‘radicalized extremist’ event. No, this was a typical cult of Islam planned terrorist attack.

Think I’m just being narrow minded or racist? Or maybe profiling? Think again. For some of you who have enough brain cells to see the event for what it was, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who need paint by numbers outline, I’ll explain.


Taking you back a few years, let’s look at the film The last temptation of Christ. This movie was a fictional account, a what if as it were. Catholics the world over were upset that such a film could be made. They protested. They banned theaters that showed it. They had strongly worded editorials denouncing the film, the producers, the studio responsible, etc, etc.

Moving forward a few years. Charlie Hedbo publishes a few editorial cartoons spoofing Islam. What happens? Two ‘radical extremists’ or as I’d call them, normal, mainstream Muslims, attack the offices of that publication with automatic weapons and grenades. Is that the normal actions of followers of a religion of peace? Not likely.

problems with islam

What most here in the western world have a hard time wrapping their minds around is that Islam is far from a religion of peace. They espouse death to unbelievers. That means anyone who is not Muslim. Yeah, that means you. If you’re not Muslim, they want to kill you because you don’t believe in ‘the one true God’. Get it yet? Muslims, no matter where they’re from want you dead if you’re not Muslim. Let that sink in for a few seconds before you go back to texting about some bullshit.

sheeple everywhere

Muslims want you dead. Plain and simple.

remind me why they left

But wait, there’s more. If a Muslim male, while on some dumb ass jihad or under a fatwa from his iman, wants to have sex, all he has to do is pray to Allah for a temporary marriage and he can go out and rape a woman. I know, you’re thinking that I’m blowing smoke up your ass and am a total racist by this point. I’m not. But I truly wish this was just fictional ramblings. In the course of a jihad, if a Muslim male has a need for sex, he just prays to Allah for a temporary marriage and he can then have sex with an infidel, that means any female of any age that is not a follower of Islam, and there you go.

Think this doesn’t happen? Still not convinced? Google man in Sweden having sex with dead woman. No shit. A Muslim ‘refugee’ aka terrorist killed a Swedish woman and continued to have sex with her body.


Still the United States insists that we take in these ‘refugees’. Why?

Simple question to a complicated answer, Why?

Why should we risk our national security to bring in ‘refugees’ that we have no way to do a background check on them? Turkey and Jordan have already stated they would take in these ‘refugees’ so why do we have to take them? New Orleans received 10,000 the week of the Paris bombings. There is supposed to be another 100,000 coming in before the first of the year, 2016, and a total of 200,000 by the middle of 2016.

Whose idea was this? Seriously, who came up with the idea of shipping in thousands of terrorists to our nation? Don’t we have enough problems already without compounding it more with shipping in terrorists? The couple in California had been here for several years and they had been ‘checked out’ or so we are to believe. Their actions and activation to conduct the now infamous terrorist attack just screams sleeper cell. Anyone else get that vibe? Weapons purchased years in advance, preparing pipe bombs and IEDs and for what? The activation code is what. Now we want to bring in more? What moron is in charge of that operation and who came up with the idea?

Anyone want to guess how many Middle Eastern males or MEMs have come into this country under a student visa and have never stepped foot in a classroom? Just ask the FBI, they’re supposed to be tracking these MEMs but neglect to comment on how many has disappeared. Imagine that. More potential sleeper cells just waiting to go live.


 gun control balance and stance




Gun Control

Politics and Gun Control go hand in hand.

NRA blamed for everything

Hillary Clinton, well known for her stance on gun control, didn’t even wait before the victims of the California terrorist attack were identified or even in the morgue before she went full out about more gun control.

hitlery and gun free zones

Think about this, if you disarm the law abiding citizens, how will they defend themselves from another terrorist attack? Oh, that’s right. Anyone who buys guns to protect themselves from a crazy person or terrorist that may shoot up the place is paranoid. How’d that work out for California? A state with some of the most idiotic gun control laws on the books. Imagine if there were a few concealed carry citizens in the crowd. Some say that this would have increased the body count. I say bullshit to that. It might have decreased the body count. Only a person with an innate fear of a tool, i.e., a firearm, would come up with that excuse as a positive argument for gun control. Police can’t be everywhere. Police are not there to protect you. A US Supreme Court ruling states that police are not there for your protection. If that were true, then there would be officers assigned to you and one sitting in your driveway everyday and following you and your family wherever they may go.

ban guns and promised land

How about we remove the security detail from those politicians that endorse signage of more gun free zones and have them wear a sign that says ‘Please don’t shoot me. I’m a gun free zone’. Yeah, that’ll work.

something like that

Gun control only works to disarm the private citizen. Criminals and terrorists aren’t going to stop when they see a gun free zone sign and they sure won’t stop because a law tells them it’s illegal to do what they have planned.

The whole gun ban agenda is rhetoric created by those people who have no sense of reality and no common sense. The world is not full of unicorns and candy canes. Having an abject fear of an inanimate object is a sign of mental disease. Having a fervor to remove the rights of others shows a meglo-maniacal tendency for control. If the terrorists in California had instead driven their SUV into a crowded street market and killed 14 people with the vehicle, would there have been a call to ban SUVs? Would Ford have been sued because someone used their product to perform an illegal act? What if the terrorists used baseballs bats? Would Louisville Slugger be sued? What if they used hammers? Would Stanley tools and Home Depot be sued? Save us from the high capacity, semi-automatic ball pen hammer. Of course not. But use a firearm for illegal purposes and somehow the manufacturer of that tool is now responsible as is the law abiding citizen. Ridiculous and ludicrous as that seems but it’s happened and will continue to happen.

little teapot hitlery

It’s extremely simple minded to think that just because there is a law or a sign that a criminal or terrorist will move on to another location. Gun control is a joke anyway. More knee jerk reaction laws won’t solve the problem. Enforcing the laws already on the books might go little ways towards that. How about making it really difficult for a felon? How about we propose a law that a felon in possession of a firearm receives a mandatory 10 years in prison? No time off for good behavior, no early release of any kind, they do a solid 10 years for every firearm in their possession. Then we tack on 5 years for every round of ammunition in their possession. Same rules apply. No early release, no time off for good behavior. If the sentence comes out to 50 years or 100 years, then they do that time until they die. The only way they’re getting out is either the sentence is complete or in a body bag.

But wait. I can hear it now. But, but, that will lead to prison overcrowding. And prisoner rights. Yeah, all prisoners have rights. Sorry. I don’t buy that. A prisoner violates the rights of another citizen and we still give them rights? That, to me, is bullshit. You violate the rights of another person; you forfeit your own rights. The only rights you have now are shut up, get in that cell and do your time.

act like an american


I’ll end this post with these words. Think about them, let them sink in and then form your own opinion. Don’t let the media decide for you. Use that gray matter between your ears.


We are a nation who, in the face of an attack upon our people on our own soil, do not stumble to our knees in tears begging for mercy and asking why, why, why, in disbelief.

That’s not who we are.

Instead, we are a nation who rises up and demands how dare this happen. How dare such an outrage be allowed to happen? We are a country, who, when threatened with the promise of more violence to follow, do not cower in fear. We do not run for our lives, flinging away the burden of our freedoms left and right so that we may lay flatter in a ditch.

That’s not who we are.

Instead, we are a country who rises up, wrapping our God given rights “to protect and defend” around us as armor. We are a country who, in the face of such vile declarations, will throw themselves forward, sword drawn; ready to cut and break such promises and those who uttered them. We are a people who, when our own lay broken and bleeding, do not inquire of them “what did you say or do to those who hurt you? You must have done something to offend them; look what you’ve done!”

That’s not who we are.

Instead, we are a people who come together as one to avenge the shattered bodies and now silenced souls. We do not take their loss to us lightly nor do we accept flimsy excuses for murder. We are not going to waste breath asking, “What part of the problem are we?”

That’s not who we are.

Instead, we are going to tell you, our enemies both foreign and domestic, that we have a problem and that problem begins and ends with YOU. And that we have a right to not only read out every one of your crimes against “we the people,” but to follow up by doing something about you vs. our nation, our culture, our people in such a way that you and yours will think twice before doing such a thing again. We are not about to beg your pardon for hurting us.

That’s not who we are.

Or are we?

In the last fourteen and a half years, this good nation has undergone a transformation and not for the better. It’s rather like a young person who goes away to college. They leave home with at least some semblance of a moral compass. They return as a total stranger. Somewhere along the line, that compass got tossed in their rush to espouse exciting new ideals that were the utter opposite of all they’d previously held dear. They return full of bluster and nerve, preaching and expounding to everyone in earshot. Attempts at discourse and polite arguments are met with glazed over looks and chanted slogans, most of them involving some sort of change.

Resistance to said changes will not be tolerated. Seven years ago, this nation, like an easily led young person, was bewitched by the prospect of hope and change. What exactly we should have been hoping for and changing to, they never let on. But if we would just give this one person even just five years, we wouldn’t recognize ourselves when he was through.

They were right.

We have gone from a strong nation that vowed to fight agents of terror where ever they might be to a chinless wonder who happily welcomes the agents of destruction with open arms. Instead of accepting the fact that all terrorist are Muslims and acting accordingly, we quiver at the thought of suspecting their intentions. We race to accommodate their every whim and fall over ourselves in removing anything that may offend them. If one were to lay a strip of bacon at the threshold of their house of worship, it’s a “hate crime”.

But let a few of them slaughter unarmed civilians, we as a people must not call it an act of terrorism. After every atrocity, we are scolded, like children, to not push back against the followers of the cult that has penetrated and infected our nation.

“That’s not who we are,” preaches our elected leader.

His minions in the form of the press and his followers in the form of the liberal and tolerant; so open of mind and heart, are quick to agree and obey. They pour poison into the ears of the uninformed both young and old. “After all,” they purr, “You don’t want to be called ‘racist’ do you?”

We, the people, were preached to “that freedom is more powerful than fear”. It would seem that in today’s America, the fear of being called a “racist” prevails stronger than wanting to protect life and liberty. Indeed, fourteen people will not be home for the holidays this year because the neighbors of their murderers, though deeply suspicious of their strange activities, didn’t phone it in. They didn’t want to be seen as “profiling” people from the Middle East. The lecture ended with the pithy platitude of how this country has “…always met challenges” by “coming together around our common ideals as one nation, as one people.”

But, which “common ideals” are these? Are they the ones that aroused this nation from its slumber on a dark day in December over seventy years ago? Could these form the natural inclination to willingly identify a clear and present danger and act accordingly? Or are these the new ideals; found under some false rainbow, in which America is seen as a wicked woman who beat and bullied those around her but now, going forward, she’ll finally get hers at last!

Lady Liberty, once so strong and mighty, now must cower on the floor at the feet of those she once subjected to her power. Her hair is loose and matted with blood. Her bare shoulders torn and bruised from blows and lashes. So terrified and contrite is she now that she’s afraid to even raise her eyes less she give offense and trigger another round of violence. That’s not who we are! But it’s who we’re becoming.

Like it or not, believe it or not, war has been declared. The battle lines have been drawn. The fight for our country’s continued existence as a true republic is about to commence. We battle not merely against flesh but against the spirit. This is a war that we must fight and must win. Or forever wish we had. Otherwise, who we are not supposed to be, will become, to our everlasting shame, who we are.


double standards


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