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anon tactical

James ‘Remo’ Jackson is a former US Navy Chief Petty Officer with almost two decades of military experience. He was tagged with the nickname ‘Remo’ from a service buddy not from the popular Destroyer series of action novels.  During his time in the Navy, most of it spent as a tactical instructor, he has taken part in fielding teams, Mobile Training Teams, operated with other branches of the US Military, and interacted with other nation’s armed forces. As a contributing author to a few non-fiction works, short manuals and procedural text books, he is currently a military technical advisor to several published authors as well as a roving reviewer for Buyzombie.com.

While in the service he developed an interest in the apocalyptic/zombie/horror genre and was disappointed at the lack of novels and films that contained realistic and accurate military depictions in regard to tactics, weapons, and procedures. This inspired him to create the Ward Room so that authors and others could have a resource to use when they needed accurate information about the military.

A wilderness/outdoor survival instructor and disaster mitigation educator, he can normally be found outdoors teaching clueless people the fine art of survival in less than pristine conditions.

Besides working tirelessly through the night and in all kinds of weather to finish his novel, he  is also working on completing his global certification as a survival instructor. Between all this, he still finds time to review other authors work for




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