The Ward Room: Military Technical Assistance for Authors

Are you an author who is working on a project with a military theme? Need to know how to describe a particular weapon? Not sure what the proper nomenclature, equipment, weapon, procedure, rank or unit should be? Have no idea what Mil-Speak is? Always wanted to know the differences between a MP5K, MP5A4, and MP5SD3? Look no further. The Ward Room can provide clarification, explanations and insight into the confusing and somewhat alien world of the US Military and firearms. With our years of experience, we can provide you with authentic, realistic and accurate information for any print or film project. While primarily our focus is on the print media in order to assist authors, we can also provide assistance for film projects. Contact us for a reasonable rate quote.

Some of our services are totally free!

Did I mention that some of our services are totally free?

That’s right, free!

For what we consider simple solutions to simple problems, we charge absolutely nothing! Can’t beat that with a stick.

Don’t let your work see bad reviews such as these:

The weapons and tactics were not well researched.’

A poorly written piece filled with unrealistic military caricatures

What is an AP round?’

Silencer? LOL. No one uses a silencer, that’s a Hollywood invention , it’s a suppressor

I was lost less than halfway through the book with all the military jargon and terms, I had no idea what the story was about and pretty sure the author didn’t either’

Assault machine guns? WTF is that?’

Changing clips? No one uses clips anymore, they’re magazines

We can help prevent these type of comments from being posted about your work.


Reasonable rates for short stories, novellas, novels and other projects with a military theme. We can assist you with contemporary uniforms, patrol methods, personal gear, units, correct weapons and their usage, carry methods, vehicles, methodology, procedures, rank structures, and much more. Get it right the first time.


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James ‘Remo’ Jackson is a former US Navy Chief Petty Officer with over 13 years of experience in the military. He was tagged with the nickname ‘Remo’ from a service buddy not from the popular Destroyer series of action novels.  During his tenor in the Navy, he interacted with other branches of the US Military and other nation’s armed forces. As a contributing author to a few non-fiction works, short manuals and procedural text books, he is currently a military technical advisor to several published authors as well as a roving reviewer for

While in the service he developed an interest in the zombie/horror genre and was disappointed at the lack of novels and films that contained realistic and accurate depictions of military units. This inspired him to create the Ward Room so that authors and others could have some kind of a resource when they needed accurate information about the military. A wilderness/outdoor survival instructor and disaster mitigation educator, he spends his spare time instructing clueless people on the fine art of survival in less than pristine conditions.

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